With all the great fishing going on at lake Livingston I am often asked the question. What are you throwing?  Now, let me answer the question.    Through  the summer months the answer is " D' S" SUPER BAITS.  Called slab or jigging spoon "D' S"  is in the top of its class in this type of bait.  These baits are hand made locally with attention to detail.  Taking a closer look, first is the paint. High gloss paint coated and sealed.  I have caught many fish on one bait and at days end the paint is not scratched or chipped.  Next,  the most recent versions are imprinted with fish scale sides and inset high quality dual color eyes.  The baits come with split rings front and back with high quality treble hooks matched to size.  The baits are made in three different weights.  For simplicity I call them small, medium  and large.  The one I use primarily is the medium.  While all three sizes will work under varing conditions  I consitantly have best luck with the medium.  I sometimes change to the large if I am fishing deeper than 17' or targeting larger stripers. 

One day last September we were fishing the cuts in the river at the crack of dawn.  Whites suddenly started exploding on the surface in a feeding frenzy.  I was shocked and dishearted as cast after cast with jigs and crank baits produced only occasional strikes.  I could see shad fleeing for their lives as the water boiled with surface feeding Whites.  I have got to do something different and quick I thought to my self as the sun rose in the east.   "D'S" Super Slab.  I thought.  I grabbed a rod with a medium  already tied on.    A half  dozen cast produced only a couple keepers.  Then the light came on, match the hatch I thought to myself.  Looking at the size shad running for their lives I tied on the small "D'S" Super Bait. Every cast now produced a strike.  Before the sun hit the water we had our 50 fish limit. 

Considering color,  white is hard to beat.  If the water is a little murky I will try the green.  Some times it doesen't matter white or green.   

Now, answering the often asked question.  I'm throwing "D' S"   SUPER BAITS. 

"D 'S " Super Baits can be found at Kickapoo Bait and Tackle in Onalaska, Texas.

Deposit is non-refundable. Re-scheduling is allowed due to inclement weather only.
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