With clients posing for pictures with their heavy stringer of Trinity River White Bass I reflected on the events of the day. Recent warming weather and a south east wind had made the morning duck hunt tough.  As I met clients for an afternoon duck hunt I was concerned.  “It’s probably a better fishing day,’’ I casually mentioned as we stood and talked in short sleeve shirts.  “Have you been catching any fish” one of my clients asked?  “No I answered, but I think it would be worth a try.” Within the hour we launched my Ranger Boat into the creek and headed upstream.  Recent rains had muddied the water and I knew that if we were going to catch White Bass on this day it would have to be upstream.  

We began trolling in the first “tea” colored water we found and I remember saying, “guys there is a chance that we may not catch a single fish today”.  Within seconds of posting the waiver a rod went down. “Fish on’’ my client exclaimed.  A chunky 13 inch male White

Bass was fought to the boat side. I cut the key off on the Evinrude 225 and dropped the trolling motor.  We began casting Bearpaws jigs into

the cut bank using the stop, drop and pop technique. When the bait would fall a hard fighting White Bass would attack it.  It was on!!  Fish after fish was fought to the Ranger boat.  “Bearpaws boys” I said.   The White Bass are literally eating them up.  We were throwing a new jig that had been custom poured for me by Bearpaws Hand Poured

Bait co.  Pearl Red Flake Goby.  A what someone asked? “Goby” I answered.  I first saw the Goby on www.bearpawshandpouredbaits.com.  and immediately became excited.  For years I had been taking three

inch Sassy Shad and by using my thumb nail and forefinger pinched the belly straight with little ridges and also adding a touch of red paint to the gill area.  It looks much like the touts used in saltwater.   

“What is a Goby”?  I asked Bearpaws. “A bait fish common in the north east. Good Small Mouth bait” I was told.  Ok, “Can you pour me some in pearl red flake”?  The 3” plastic body jig is poured in a mold with lifelike detail including the belly ridges that I had been duplicating.  The soft plastic body will last through several hookups and is impregnated with Mega Strike natural amino acid scent.   Today was the first day that I had to field test the bait and all my beliefs came true. Fish after fish gobbled up the Goby.  

As the sun began to sink in the west we caught a few more fish, then we spooled up and headed for the fish cleaning table. Smiling clients is my business and I felt good.  A slow duck hunting day was turned into a great fishing day. The water conditions, the right weather, along with Lake Livingston’s great White Bass fishery and Bearpaws new Goby, all came together on this day to put fish in the boat and a memory for a lifetime.

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Dave Cox of Palmetto Guide Service is a regular contributor to the Lake Livingston edition of the Texas Sportsguide.  This article has previously appeared in that publication.























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 He’s got it!”  I spoke excitedly as I watched the 20lb. line move off through the flooded vegetation. “ Give -em a good hook set,” I coached.  Then, with the power of the Falcon Lowrider Casting rod a solid hook was set and the battle was on.  “ Let off the drag that’s a good fish, play him down, keep steady pressure I encouraged.”  The water boiled near the Ranger boat and tense moments played out as I finely lipped the 4.3/4lb. Black Bass for my excited client.  There were hugs of joy as we took pictures of the trophy fish.  “Thank you Dave,” the gentlemen spoke, “this is the largest fish of my career.”  

    Later that day as we headed back to Bethy Creek Resort spirits were high and I felt that I had done my job as a Black Bass fishing guide on Lake Livingston.  I recalled earlier that morning at day light when I spoke about technique, equipment and lure choices.  It had all come together for a successful trip.

“Bass fishing is about specifics and good equipment is essential for success,” as I spoke to the gentlemen and his young son.   “Today we will be fishing Texas rigged Bear Paws Plastic Creature Baits and using Falcon Graphite rods. Confidence is a major part of fishing and that is what you get with Bear Paws and Falcon rods.” 

   Bear Paws, the secret of the pros for years is  finely out. www.BEARPAWSHANDPOUREDBAITS.com has splashed into Lake Livingston grabbing fish for myself and my clients.   Over 85% of professional Bass fishermen fish with hand poured baits and do a lot of damage when it comes to fishing big tournaments.  These baits are on the cutting edge and very secretive among the pros.  Bear Paws are poured one bait at a time, not mass-produced for your benefit of a consistent pour every time.  Bear Paws are durable with a life like natural texture and a chance to catch multiple fish on one bait.  Bear Paws plastic is made with different types of salt and spices added to the mix and are now fortified with Mega Strike, the best amino acids (proteins) in the world.  Proteins are necessity for fish to survive and the introduction of Mega Strike (www.megastrike.com) in Bear Paws baits allows the fish to not only accept the presentation of the bait but also, accept the the smell of the amino acids in the baits for the fish to hold on to the bait longer for a proper hook set.  Bear Paws not only catch fish but they are an experience and they come with a personnel touch.  Bear Paws will customize baits to your specifications. 

           Successful Bass fishing is about specifics and attention to details.  Technique, quality equipment and lure choices all came together for success on this recent guided trip on Lake Livingston.  Falcon Rods and Bear Paws hand poured baits will be grabbing Black Bass for me on my guide trips and tournament fishing from now on.    

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