“Where are your decoys?” Asked my client as we idled out of Harmon Creek Marina.  “Right there in the bottom of the boat” I answered.  A Mojo Mallard Hen and two batteries operated quivering hens.  “Is that all we’re taking?” He asked with a puzzled expression.   

Mojo, Robo, Duck Machine or whatever you call one of the new flying duck decoys, the question is, do they work?  Duck hunting experts know that adding motion to your spread on a calm, windless day will pull ducks in. The jerk string and the Stuttgart Kick have fooled many a duck into locking and dropping.  Never before has there been so much technologically advanced equipment available to duck hunters.  The new flying duck decoys are offered in several different models with long lasting batteries and even remote turn-ons.  Vibrating, quivering, splashing and remote controlled swimmers are all available to duck hunters.   

The true effectiveness of the Mojo Duck and two quivering hens was realized on this recent hunt.  Distant passing flights of Mallards would turn for a closer look at Mojo Mallard, lock and drop, trying to land next to the mechanical decoys.  Very little calling was used on this hunt.  There was no doubt Mojo Mallard works!  The question now, will ducks get wise to Mojo?  I think so, but I want to contribute to their education.  This year, you can bet that Mojo Madness will be flapping in my spread. 

As we return to Harmon Creek Marina, my clients, with smiles on their faces, took snapshots of their heavy string of Mallards.  There was no questioning the effectiveness of 3 motion decoys in an oxbow off the Trinity River.  Mojo Mallard and 2 quivering hens did all the magic on this day. 

Dave S Cox

Dave Cox of Palmetto Guide Service is a regular contributor to the Lake Livingston edition of the Texas Sportsguide.  This article has previously appeared in that publication.

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